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How to Create a Verified Gross Mass Declaration (VGM)
How to Create a Verified Gross Mass Declaration (VGM)
Watch this video to understand how to create a Verified Gross Mass Declaration for Export shipments.
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The Verified Gross Mass document is a very important legal document used in import/export and International Trade.  This document represents a statement of total mass in accordance with Domestic Chain of Responsibility and IMO Verified Gross Mass requirements (SOLAS). Verified Gross Mass declarations must be determined in accordance with Measurement Institute Standards.  The shipper must ensure this document template is completed correctly to avoid fines and delays to shipments.

There are 2 approved methods that must be used to declare the Verified Gross Mass:

METHOD 1 - Actual weight is taken of the whole container including tare when the container is packed.

You weight the loaded shipping container and declare the Verified Gross Mass.

You can also request your freight forwarder to arrange weighing of your container when the truck is delivering the container to the port.  The truck will be weighed at a weighbridge and the total weight will be recorded.  Your freight forwarder can charge up to $150 to arrange this on your behalf.

METHOD 2 – The Shipper declares the total Verified Gross Mass.

You will have to accurately state and declare the weight of the whole cargo including packing and the tare weight of the container.


How to create a Verified Gross Mass Document


Example of a Verified Gross Mass Declaration form to create and download template.

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