How to Create a Commercial Invoice

Watch this video to understand how to create a Commercial Invoice for Import / Export shipments.

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The commercial invoice is the document that describes the export transaction from start to finish. It displays information including:

  • Shipper's details

  • Consignee's details (buyer)

  • Detailed product information

  • IncoTerms – Terms of trade

  • Port of loading

  • Port of discharge

  • Commercial product sale value

  • Currency sold

The commercial invoice for export provides all important information and instructions for your buyer, freight forwarder, Customs, agents and your bank (if required).  The commercial invoice does not show tax as International transactions for export are not subject to local taxes.

If the commercial invoice does not contain all relevant information if can cause delays to your shipment and confusion to your buyer and freight forwarder.

How to Create a Commercial Invoice Document in IncoDocs


See example of a commercial invoice document:

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