A Freight Forwarder's Role
Learn how freight forwarders work with importers and exporters.
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Freight Forwarders are companies which specialise in all of the components of International Freight and logistics.  They are experts which have experience and understanding of all of the complex transport and logistics arrangements that are involved to get your goods delivered all the way through to your International customers.  When your goods leave your warehouse there are so many important processes involved to get goods cleared delivered and cleared through the port, comply with all regulations, customs, supply the correct documentation, deliver to the correct container yard and loaded onto the correct vessel.  Freight forwarders also specialize in integrated modes of transport, so can easily arrange the movement of freight between road, rail and sea.

Freight forwarders have vast experience dealing with complex customs regulations, different port services, Customs and Quarantine, stevedores and shipping lines.  You should carefully research and deal with an experienced freight forwarder who takes the time to come out and meet at your premises to clearly understand your business and your requirements.  Don’t just deal with a freight forwarder based on price as you will need someone with experienced shoulders to overcome any obstacles and potential delays, and a company that will provide you with a high level of service.  Choosing a forwarder based on price can cost your business more in the long run.

A good freight forwarder will work out exactly what you need and breakdown their services – from container pickup from your warehouse, delivery through the port and loading onto the vessel.  A local representative will also give you International shipping rates to get goods shipped through to the country of destination.  Because freight forwarders move large volumes of shipments through several different shipping lines they will be able to give you better shipping rates than if you were to try to deal with shipping lines directly.

You must give your nominated freight forwarder the correct shipping documentation for export so that they can correctly and efficiently arrange the export of your goods overseas.  Creating your shipping documents with IncoDocs ensures that you will meet all compliance to avoid missed shipments or costly fines and delays to your business.

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