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Setup Your Profile Signature, Using Digital Signatures
Setup Your Profile Signature, Using Digital Signatures
Setup your digital signature so you can click to insert it into any document.
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Setup your profile signature so that you can insert your signature into any document at the click of a button. Create a paperless operation!

You can setup your signature from your Account Settings or when you are creating a document. When creating a document, at the bottom right click 'CLICK TO SIGN'.

Then you can setup your signature with 3 options:

1 - Type your name and select the style

2 - Draw your signature on the screen

3 - Upload your own signature file

Then click 'Save & sign'. Note that the field will be automatically selected to 'Save as my signature'.

Watch how it works below

Click to Autofill your Signature

Next time you are creating a document, simply click 'Autofill my signature' to insert your signature into the document.


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