Most companies involved in Global Trade have a large list of Contacts and Products. Using IncoDocs you can instantly upload your full list of Contacts or Products by a CSV file.  Follow these steps to upload you lists:


Prepare a CSV file

Create a spreadsheet using Excel or Sheets that contains all of your Contact or Product information.  Note, you can usually export a CSV file from your accounting system or other software platform.

Make sure that you match the column headings as below:

For your Contacts list:

For your Products list:

Note - Country Codes must be 2 digit codes, refer this link -

Make sure you save the file in CSV format.  When saving your spreadsheet, select the file type as 'CSV', 'CSV delimited' or 'comma-separated'.

Import your list into IncoDocs

Go to your Contacts or Products page then click Import 

Click Choose File, select the file from your computer, then click Next Step 


Match the Columns

If a column shows as "UNMAPPED COLUMN" then you will have to click to match the columns.  If you do not want to include a column, just click Skip.  To match the columns follow the instructions below:
       > Click Edit
       > Click the dropdown box and select the correct field from the list
       > Click Save

When all columns are matched, click Next Step

Finally, you can select from 2 different import options, then click "Yes, start import"

You're all done!  Your full list will be uploaded into IncoDocs!

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