Use folders to store and manage your shipments

From inside folders you can store and manage all documents and files in 1 place.  You can create new folders and store all documents, certificates, container loading photos, Bills of Lading etc.  Organize your folders into sub-folders as you need.  Easily access all of your folders from the tree menu on the left of screen.


Create a New Folder

Click 'Create New' then select Folder.  Give your folder a name.


Upload files into Folders

From inside your folder you can create any IncoDocs documents.  You can also upload external documents and files by clicking 'File Upload' and selecting the files from your computer.


Drag and Drop files into Folders

From inside a folder, you can drag and drop files from another window into your IncoDocs folders.  Just select files and drag and drop them into your IncoDocs folder.


Move files and folders

You can easily move around any files into other folders.  Just click to select any files, then drag and release them into any folder that you need.


Email documents directly from folders

When you are inside a folder, select your files and click the 'Share' button to email them to your suppliers, customers or freight providers.  You can also right-click files and click 'Share'.  Add your message and click Send!

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