Using IncoDocs you can create and share Invoices to customers to get paid fast.

Step 1: Send Sales Documents from IncoDocs:

After you have created an invoice, at the top of the screen click 'Send'.

Step 2: Enter email addresses

Enter email addresses and your message then click 'Send'.

Note: You can also add attachments to the email by clicking 'Attach Files'.

Party Receives an Email

The receiver will get an email with a link to your invoice. From there, they can choose to:

  1. Click to 'Download' or 'Print' the document

  2. Click to pay the invoice by Credit Card (if you've connected your Stripe account)

  3. Click to get setup with a FX provider to pay invoices by Telegraphic Transfer T/T.

💬 Need help with IncoDocs?

Use the live chat in the bottom right of your screen, or email to arrange a time to speak to one of our friendly team members to help you with IncoDocs.

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