When you have created your Invoice or Sales Contract you can share it directly with your buyer so they can confirm, countersign and click to make International payments!

1 - Create Invoice, enter the buyer's email and click Send.

2 - The buyer receives a link in their email to accept, countersign or click to make payment of the invoice.  Buyers can pay by:

Credit Card

ACH / SEPA Payment

SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)


Payment of invoice by Credit Card:



Payment of invoice by ACH:

Buyers click to select their connected US bank account for a seamless ACH payment.



Payment of invoice by SWIFT Telegraphic Transfer (T/T):

Buyers can get setup to make T/T payments with competitive exchange rates.  This gives buyers the power to make fast, transparent and cost-effective International payments in multiple currencies.  Sellers don't have to change anything, buyers just sign up, get verified and start making T/T payments directly to seller's existing SWIFT IBAN bank account.  Contact us to find out more - info@incodocs.com

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