Create Export Documents in Folders

Easily create sets of shipping documents and upload all related files into searchable folders.

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Using the 'Export Docs' folders, you can easily create a set of all shipping documentation without re-typing data. You can also upload and store files relating to each shipment for easy team reference.

Watch how to Create Export Documents in Folders:


1 - Create a New Export Docs Folder

From the 'Export Docs' section, on the right of the screen click 'Create New'

2 - Select Document Templates

Select the documents you want to include inside your folder (note that you can add extra documents later on).

3 - Entering Data into Documents

You can enter all data relating to your shipping documents in the 'Master File' screen, or enter the data into each document individually.

Note that the data is automatically synced between the Master File and shipping documents, so you only have to enter the data once.

On the left of each document, tick to select each document, then click 'Download Set' to download everything as a Zip file.

4 - Upload Files & Documents

Click 'Upload files' to store all files, documents or photos relating to each shipment so everything is stored in 1 place for easy reference. This is useful to store Bill of Ladings, Certificates, Container loading photos etc.

Pro Tips:

Duplicate Folders

You can duplicate a whole folder by selecting the tickbox of the folder, then click 'Duplicate'.

Download Documents as a Set

When inside a folder you can click to download a set of documents. This can be done by:

1) On the top right, click the 'Download Set' button.

2) On the left, click the tickboxes to individually select each document, or click the top tickbox to select all documents. Then on the right, click 'Download all'.

Archive Folders

Archive folders by right-clicking the folder then selecting 'Archive'. This will move the folder into a separate archive list so you can keep your current Export Docs folders as 'Active'.

Quick Search

Enter a reference number in the top search bar to easily find the folder you need.

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