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Record Split Deposit and Balance Payments
Record Split Deposit and Balance Payments

Record the Deposit and Balance payments that you receive on your invoices and purchases to track and manage your cashflow.

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Most of Global Trade is made up of paying Invoices and Purchase Orders in part payments, i.e. 30% deposit, 70% balance. IncoDocs makes it easy to:

Log payments you have received against your invoices

Log payments you have made on your Purchase Orders


Recording Split Payments

When inside a document, on the right of the screen, click 'Record Payment', then enter the amount and date of the payment and click 'Record Payment'.


View Payment History

On the right of the document you can click the 'Activity' panel to view the history of the document, including details of when payments were made.


Filter Documents by Status

On the Invoices table you can instantly view the total amounts and the amount owing on the invoice or purchase. To filter documents by status, click 'Show All' then select the status to display the documents matching that status. For example, select 'Partially Paid' to only see documents that have part payments recorded. Or select 'Paid' to view all documents that have been recorded as 100% paid.


Watch How it Works:

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