Add New Contact Forwarding Agent
How to add a new Forwarding Agent's details to use on Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) and Bill of Lading (B/L) documents.
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When creating a Shipper's Letter of Instruction or a Bill of Lading document, you will need to create a new contact.

How to Add a New 'Forwarding Agent' Contact

Click the 'New Contact' button then select 'Forwarding Agent' and complete the company name, address and contact details.

Note - click on the tab 'Forwarding Services' then select the services you want to include on the document. You can also save the forwarding agent's 'Terms and Conditions' and click save.

When you are creating a document, select the Forwarding Agent and the forwarding agent's terms and conditions will automatically show at the bottom of the SLI or Bill of Lading document.

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