There are several ways to get your Contacts data into IncoDocs. The first and most commonly used is the IncoDocs' CSV Importer. To import contacts, go to 'Contacts', then on the top right of the screen, click 'Import contacts'. Using the Contact Importer, you can import (and update) Contacts from a .CSV or Excel file.

Contact Importer

There are 3 options you can use to import contacts:

1 - Upload contacts via a CSV file, click to browse and select the files saved on your computer

2 - Drag and Drop a file onto the Contact Importer screen

3 - Copy and paste directly from your Excel / Sheets file

Formatting your file

  • Make sure your file is in either .CSV, .TSV or Excel format (depending on which import option you choose).
  • Make sure the first row in your spreadsheet is a header row (i.e. a row containing column names). IncoDocs will use those names to guess the appropriate field assignment automatically. (You can always adjust the field assignment if needed.)
  • To download an example .CSV file, click here.
  • You can't currently store multiple email addresses and/or phone numbers against a contact so please ensure there is only one email and phone number for each contact in your file.

Matching Fields

After you finish uploading your data, you’ll need to match each column from your spreadsheet to a field in IncoDocs. In some cases, IncoDocs will recognize your column name and do the work for you. You'll also see a few preview rows from your spreadsheet so you get a good idea of what's in each column.

Automatically matched fields will show "Matched to the ______ field" and give you the option to click 'Confirm mapping'. You can also continue without doing so if you're happy with the auto-matching.

If you don’t want to import a column from your spreadsheet, click ‘Ignore this column’ on each field box.

To match the data from your spreadsheet to the right place in IncoDocs, use the dropdown to the left next to the column names.

Click ‘Review’ at the bottom of the modal to move on to the next page.

Resolving Validation Errors

The Contacts Importer will highlight any errors in your data and let you fix them up before submitting. Fields with errors will be highlighted in red and hovering over the field will give you a description of the error so you know what to fix.

💡 PRO TIP: To see just the rows that have errors, you can toggle "Only show rows with problems" in the top left.

Then you can work your way through until there are no more errors then turn off the toggle and review your data one last time before continuing to the final step. Once you've reviewed your data and there are no errors, click 'Continue' at the bottom to start the import.

Import Summary Email

Once all your contacts have been imported into IncoDocs, you will receive a summary report via email to notify you that the import is complete and let you know how many records were imported, how many duplicate records were in the file and how many record were not able to be imported.

If you need help to get your Contacts or Products imported into IncoDocs please reach out to

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