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How to Create a USMCA Certificate of Origin
How to Create a USMCA Certificate of Origin

If you are shipping between the USA, Canada & Mexico, you can create a Certificate of Origin for the new USMCA / CUSMA / T-MEC agreement.

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The United States, Canada and Mexico have ratified a free trade agreement. The trade agreement replaces the previous NAFTA trade agreement, and came into effect on 1st of July 2020. The new agreement has been characterized as “NAFTA 2.0” or the “New NAFTA”. There are 3 official names for the free trade agreement, it has a name for each country that participates in the agreement:

USA – USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement)

Canada – CUSMA (Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement)

Mexico – T-MEC (Tratado entre Mexico, Estados Unidos y Canada)

Note that NAFTA Certificates of Origin are no longer used as the proof of origin of shipments after the 1st of July 2020. To take advantage of the duty free status of the USMCA / CUSMA / T-MEC agreement, the goods that have been shipped must qualify as originating in each of the 3 territories which can be proved by providing specific information. There are new rules of origin that determine whether the goods qualify under the new agreement.

How to create a Certificate of Origin form for the new agreement.

There are key data elements required for the USMCA / CUSMC / T-MEC agreement. Shippers use IncoDocs to easily create a Certificate of Origin document that contains all data required to take advantage of the preferential treatment.

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