If your business is using Intuit QuickBooks for your accounting, you can click to connect QuickBooks to IncoDocs to eliminate manual data re-entry!


Step 1 - Connect Your QuickBooks Account

On the left side panel, click 'Connect Apps' then click 'Connect to QuickBooks'. You will have to sign in to your QuickBooks account and authorize access to IncoDocs.


Note: The QuickBooks integration works best when you have first added all of your product codes into IncoDocs, so that all of the product details will auto-fill onto all IncoDocs templates. Read how to setup your product details in IncoDocs.


Step 2 - Click to Autofill Documents

When your QuickBooks account is connected successfully, you can instantly click to Autofill your Invoices, Purchase Orders and Quotes from your QuickBooks account directly into IncoDocs in just a few clicks!

Autofill to an Invoice

While creating a new Invoice, click 'Autofill' select 'QuickBooks', then select the invoice from your QuickBooks account that you want to fill into IncoDocs.


Autofill to a Purchase Order

While creating a new Purchase Order, click 'Autofill' select 'QuickBooks', then select the Purchase Order from your QuickBooks account that you want to fill into IncoDocs.

Note - if you would like to disconnect your QuickBooks account, in your account settings click 'Disconnect from QuickBooks'


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