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How to add an EORI Number onto Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists
How to add an EORI Number onto Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists

Add an EORI number against a contact in IncoDocs, to display on your shipping documents.

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What is an Economic Operator Registration Number (EORI)?

An Economic Operator Registration and Identification number is required when importing and exporting goods from the European Union. If your business does not have an EORI number, then you might face delays and increased costs while importing or exporting goods.

Post Brexit, businesses that want to import from the EU (or other countries) into the UK will require a UK EORI number. Businesses that want to import into the EU from the UK (or other countries) will require an EU EORI number. If you don’t have an EORI number then you can obtain one from the customs authority in any EU country.

You can obtain an EORI number in the UK at this link here.

You can lookup and validate EORI numbers at this link here.


How to add the EORI Number

The EORI number will be required to show on the Commercial Invoice and Packing List documentation. When creating a new contact in IncoDocs, you can add the EORI number and save it against the contact so that it will display on your Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists.

Click the 'Additional Fields' tab to add any extra fields to a contact. This can be used to insert a Business Registration ID Numbers, Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) Numbers and more, to save them against a contact.

Watch how to Add Contacts Here:

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