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Add your own Letterhead and Footer to documents
Add your own Letterhead and Footer to documents

Showcase your brand and professionalism with a well-designed letterhead & footer on your documents.

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Put your best foot forward and showcase your brand with a professional letterhead and footer on your IncoDocs documents.

1. Displaying your Letterhead or Footer on a Document

When editing a document:

  1. Click Format options

  2. Toggle your letterhead and/or footer

  3. Click on the letterhead (top of document) or footer (bottom of document) to customize it

2. Setting Up Your Letterhead/Footer

Letterheads and footers come in many flavours so we've created a robust builder to let you upload your existing design OR create one from scratch within IncoDocs.

Option 1: Upload Your Existing Letterhead/Footer Image

  1. Select the Full Image layout option

  2. Check the Stretch image to full width of page option

  3. Upload your letterhead image file πŸŽ‰

Option 2: Design a Letterhead/Footer From Scratch

  1. Select a layout option for your content in the right panel

  2. Add text and upload your logo

  3. Style your letterhead with a background color or background image (read next point on styling)

🎨 Styling Options to Spruce Up Your Designs

You can add a background image which will sit behind your text and logo.

Or you can change the background color for a simpler design

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