Our team have been working hard on making new features and improving IncoDocs.

New Update: Multiple Page Document Formats Improved

In the past, the header, table and footer sections of documents would duplicate onto every page. We've made updates so that long multiple page documents will display on fewer pages. Now when you create long multiple page documents:

The top 'Header' section will only show on the top of the first page

The middle 'Products' table section will stretch and continue onto every page

The bottom 'Footer' section will only show on the bottom of the last page

New Feature: Landscape Format Documents

Did you know that you can also convert a 'Portrait' document layout into a 'Landscape' layout? Watch the video below, or read more details here.

Need help with custom document templates? 💬

Although templates can be heavily customized, some businesses may require specific document templates which are not currently available in the standard IncoDocs template library. If this is something you may need, please get in touch with us via the Intercom messenger (in the bottom right of your screen) or send an email to ben@incodocs.com.

Alternatively you can also book a call with one our friendly team members below:

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