Adding New Contacts
How to add new Company Contact details into IncoDocs
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Contact information can be stored and re-used to save you time when creating new documents.

1. Creating a Contact

There are 2 ways to add contacts in IncoDocs:

Way 1: From the Contacts Screen:

  1. Go to Contacts in the main navigation bar to the left

  2. Click New Contact or click Import if you wish to import a list of contacts from a file

Please note: For more information on importing contacts from a file including how to format your CSV file and map columns, check out our dedicated article: Import Contacts from a CSV File.

Way 2: From within a Document:

  1. Click on the contact select field on the document

  2. Select Add new contact

2. Adding Custom Fields to Contacts

You can click the 'Additional Fields' tab to add any extra fields to a contact. This can be used to insert a Business Registration ID Numbers, Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) Numbers and more, to save them against a contact.

Note: Custom fields will automatically be displayed on the document once added.

Watch how to Add Contacts Here:

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