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Store a Custom Field against a Product
Store a Custom Field against a Product
Store additional information against your products to pre-populate into documents.
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New features allow users to store additional fields against a product record, so that it can be pre-filled into IncoDocs templates. When adding a new product in IncoDocs you can complete 'Standard fields' and 'Custom Fields' as below:

Standard Fields

Standard fields include: Product Code, Description, Sell Price, Buy Price, Unit of Measurement, Net Weight (kg), Gross Weight (kg), Cubic Size m3 (COMING SOON), Country of Origin, HS Code.

Custom Fields

You can store additional information against a product, such as 'Expiry Date', 'Grade', 'Barcode' etc and show these fields as a column on your documents.

Step 1) Add a Custom Field

When editing a product, click 'Add Custom Field', enter the field name, complete the field information then click 'Submit'.

Step 2) Add a Custom Field into a document

When you are editing a document, on the right side of the products table, click the plus ' + ' icon, then at the bottom of the list you can select a field to insert this column onto your document. That field will automatically display onto your custom document template. Note: You can also click to drag and re-arrange the order of your columns.

Need a new template added to IncoDocs? ๐Ÿ’ฌ

Although templates can be heavily customized, some businesses may require specific document templates which are not currently available in the standard IncoDocs template library. If this is something you may need, please get in touch with us via the Intercom messenger (in the bottom right of your screen) or send an email to

Alternatively you can also book a call with one our friendly team members below:

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