Creating & Managing Price Variants
Store multiple prices for each of your products and assign default price levels to customers/suppliers with Price Variants.
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What are Price Variants?

Price variants allow you to store multiple price levels for each of your products and assign them as defaults for customers & suppliers in your contacts list.

1. Price Variant Types

IncoDocs lets you create and manage as many price variants as you’d like for all of the products that you buy and sell.

Within IncoDocs you can manage two types of price variants:

  • Sell price variants: used to create sales documents such as Quotes, Invoices & Sales Contracts.

  • Buy price variants: used to create purchase documents such as Purchase Orders and Purchase Contracts.

2. How to Create a New Price Variant

πŸ“ Note: Creating new price variants can be done from any product. Once created, price variants will appear on all products.

When editing a Product:

1. Click 'Add a price variant' under the Prices section

2. Enter a name for your price variant (e.g. Wholesale Price)

3. Select the price variant's type (Buy or Sell)

4. (Optional) Enter a unique reference code (e.g. Whole) for this price variant (this will be used when importing or syncing price data from other systems).

5. Click 'Create Price Variant' button

Congrats πŸŽ‰ Your new price variant will now be visible as a new price field on all products. Prices can be added manually on each individual product or in bulk by uploading an updated .CSV file which includes your new variant prices.

🚨 Pro Tip: A price variant can be assigned to a particular customer/supplier, so that when you create a document for that customer/supplier, the appropriate pricing will automatically be displayed on the documents. Read how to set it up here.

2.1 Managing Your Price Variants

You can manage your Price Variants in two ways depending on the amount of information you need to update.

  • To update a single product, you can use the product edit view (accessed through your Products catalog).

  • Alternatively, if you need to update all or most of the prices in your Products catalog, you can use the CSV importer. More details can be found here. Keep in mind that you should have created your price variants before using the importer.

3. Editing or Deleting a Price Variant

To edit or delete a price variant:

1. Go to Edit a Product and scroll to the price variant you want.

2. Click on the 'β€’β€’β€’' button next to it to bring up edit & delete options for that price variant.

πŸ“ Note: Changing or deleting a price variant will be reflected on all products.

πŸ’¬ Need help setting up Price Variants?

Use the live chat in the bottom right of your screen to speak to one of our friendly team members who'll gladly help you setup your price variants correctly and answer any other questions you may have. Alternatively you can send an email to

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