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Our team are always working to improve IncoDocs. Here's a list of new features our team are working on now.

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We are always improving IncoDocs. Here are some of the new features that have just been added, and details of new features that will be released soon!

New Features Added

Insert Company Letterhead & Adjust Page Margins

Users can click to insert their company branded letterhead on all documents. Just click to insert letterhead and then:

  • Select to align image/wording on left, middle or right

  • Add wording for company details

  • Set the background color to match your company branding

  • Adjust the letterhead to sit within the page margins (optional)

Editing Column Names

Editing Document Field Names

Create and Save Custom Templates

Once a user has made all their changes to a document, they can simply hit 'Save Changes' as per usual which will ask the user how they would like to proceed with their customizations.

Adding & Customizing Columns

Moving & Resizing Columns

Similarly to Excel, columns can be resized and re-positioned.

  • Repositioning columns should be as easy as dragging and dropping to a new position.

New Product Fields πŸ“¦

You can store additional information against a product, such as 'Expiry Date', 'Grade', 'Barcode' etc and show these fields as a column on your documents.

When editing a product, click 'Add Custom Field', enter the field name, complete the field information then click 'Submit'.

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Download a Commercial Invoice as a CSV file

You can download a Commercial Invoice as a CSV file to share with logistics companies, or to use it to import into other systems.

  1. From the 'Export Docs' section, after you have finished creating the Commercial Invoice document, click 'More' then 'Download as CSV':

Note that 2 CSV files will be downloaded. The 1st file will contain the header line items, the 2nd file will contain the product line items. You can use these data files to share to your freight forwarder, customs broker or logistics companies, to streamline data entry into other systems!

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